Blue Karma Terms, Conditions & Cancellation Policy

Terms, Conditions & Cancellation Policy
This rental agreement is intended to be a legally binding document and accordingly the guest should read it carefully to ensure that they understand its contents before signing. If the guest is unsure as to the contents of this agreement or the legal obligations contained herein they should seek legal advice before signing it. This Rental Agreement, (the “Agreement”), is made by and between Dennis Santos (“Owner”) and “Guest”; accordingly. the Guest should read it carefully to ensure that they understand its contents before signing. This Rental Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made by and between Dennis Santos (“Owner”) and Guest” as of the date last set forth on the signature page of this Agreement. For good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency of which is acknowledged, the parties hereby agree as follows:

The Unit, (“Blue Karma”) is located in the Cayman Islands, on Cayman Brac. The address is 1812 South Side Road West, Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands.

The rental party shall Consist of Guest and the following persons:

The lease begins on: Check-in date: after 3.00 P.M Cayman Local Time Check-out date: Midday Cayman Local Time

Guest agrees to abide by the Rental Rules attached as Exhibit A at all times while at the property and shall cause all members of the rental party and anyone else Guest permits on the property to abide by the following rules at all times while at the property.

a. Rental Fee: US$ …………(Includes 13% Cayman Islands Government Tourist Tax) b. Payment Schedule: Payment of the rental fee must be received in full prior to check-in. A fifty percent (50%) initial deposit is required at the time of booking to reserve your requested dates. The balance is due forty-five (45) days prior to check- in. c. Damage Deposit: One-Thousand dollar ($1000) damage deposit, due a minimum of thirty (30) days before arrival, refunded within thirty (30) days of checkout.

All cancellations and any requests for changes to your reservation (such as date changes or changes in the number of persons) must be made IN WRITING. Cancellations that are made more than ninety (90) days prior to the check-in date will incur no penalty and will receive a full refund with an option to rebook within a twelve (12) month period from the original reservation. Cancellations or changes that result in a shortened stay, that are made within ninety (90) days of the arrival date, forfeit the initial deposit only. Cancellations that are made less than forty-five (45) days prior to the check-in date forfeit the entire rental fee as full liquidated damages. However, if the property is re-rented for all or part of the time cancelled, any retained rent or deposits shall be refunded, up to the net amount paid to the owner by the new renter, less a $100 administrative fee. Early departure does not warrant any refund of rent or deposit without prior approval of Pinnacle M LLC.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Cayman Islands. Annexed hereto, and incorporated herein and made a part hereof as if fully set forth herein are (1) Rental Rules and Regulations and (2) Waiver and Release of Liability. I hereby acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the Agreement, the Rental Rules and Regulations and the Waiver and Release of Liability and agree to abide thereby. CHECK-IN TIME is 3.00 P.M Cayman Local Time and CHECK-OUT TIME is Midday Cayman Local Time, unless prior approval is received. Early check-ins and check-outs may be possible based on availability and must be confirmed in advance. 2. SMOKING: This is a NON SMOKING property, and thus smoking is not permitted inside the property. A two-hundred and fifty dollar ($250) cleaning fee will be charged for smoking inside the property. Smoking outside is permitted and we request you use the provided ashtrays. 3. PETS: Pets (of any species) are not permitted on Rental Property. Guests are NOT permitted to bring Pets (of any species) unless prior permission has been granted in writing. A five-hundred dollar ($500) cleaning fee will be charged for breach of this provision. 4. RENTER: The Guest must be at least twenty-five (25) years old. 5. USE OF PREMISES: Renter expressly agrees to use and occupy the property exclusively for the purposes of a private holiday rental property. Neither the property nor any part of the property shall be used at any time during the term of this agreement for the purpose of carrying on any business, profession, or trade of any kind, or for any purpose other than as a private holiday rental villa. In addition, Renter expressly agrees: a. To keep the property and its contents in good repair and condition during the b. Not to cause any nuisance to other guests; and c. Not to use the premises for any illegal or immoral purposes. 6. DAMAGE/RESERVATION DEPOSIT: A damage/reservation deposit of one- thousand dollar ($1,000) is required. This deposit must be received seven (7) days prior to check-in. The damage deposit will be refunded within seven (7) days of check-out. The deposit automatically converts to a security/damage deposit upon arrival. Replacement costs of damaged or missing items will be deducted from the damage deposit. The deposit is NOT applied toward rent; however, it is fully refundable at departure or within seven (7) days of departure, less the following: a. Cost for repairing damage to the property, its contents or to the pool area or b. Charges imposed under this Agreement due to contraband, pets or collection of c. A reasonable cleaning expense if all debris and rubbish and discards are not placed directly in the designated trash receptacle. Any unpaid charges accrued during the stay on the premises; and term of this agreement; furnishings beyond normal wear and tear; rents or any other services rendered during the stay; and soiled dishes are not placed in the dishwasher and cleaned; e. Cost for replacing keys, locks, or for locksmith services when keys are not returned on departure from premises. 7. PAYMENT: An advance payment in full of the rental rate is required. The advance payment will be applied toward the rent. Please make payments in the form of bank money orders, cashier’s checks or major credit card. The advance payment is not a damage deposit; it is for rent.

There is a three-hundred dollar ($300) charge for late departure from check out time.

Payment schedule pursuant to rental agreement: Failed rental payment if later than seventy-two (72) hours received or postmarked of agreed payment plan then the entire rental agreement can be terminated by landlord. This agreement will terminate immediately upon the breach of this agreement and any of the rules contained herein. The renter is subject to full forfeiture of the rental fee upon such breach.

The maximum number of Guests is limited to what your contract states per persons per adult and children: An additional charge of two-hundred fifty dollar ($250.00) per person per night for Guests in addition to will be assessed. In addition, a penalty of two-hundred dollar ($200) per person per night will be charged for additional Guests not previously approved. If you arrive with an unregistered guest and/or the amount of the guests exceeds the maximum occupancy as stated in your Agreement, at the Owner’s discretion, this Agreement will be subject to immediate termination and a forfeiture to Owner of all amounts prepaid.

While linens and bath towels are included in the unit, daily maid service is not included, however, is available at an additional rate. Beach towels are provided however we do not permit linens or bath towels to be taken from the villa.

The rate listed and agreed upon on this rental contract is final. Future rates are subject to change.

Reservations obtained under false pretense are subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and/or rental money, and the Guests will not be permitted to check-in.

Any exceptions to the above mentioned policies must be approved in writing in advance.

Property parking areas can accommodate three (3) vehicles.

Children under the age of twelve (12) must not be left unsupervised.

Dennis Santos will credit a rental fee under the following conditions: The Cayman Islands Government issues an Evacuation Advisory or Mandatory Evacuation Order associated with a formal “Tropical Storm/Hurricane Alert Watch or Warning” for the Cayman Brac area of residence of a vacationing Guest. We will credit: a. Any unused portion of rent from a Guest currently registered; b. Any unused portion of rent from a Guest that is scheduled to arrive and wants to c. Any advance rents collected or deposited for periods that the guest cannot and does d. Any advance rents collected or deposited for periods that the guest cannot and does e. Exclusion: Any resident guest who elects to remain in the unit after the issuance shorten their stay to a period subsequent to the release of a Cayman Islands Government formal “All Clear” notice related to a prior “Tropical Storm and/or Hurricane Alert Watch or Warning” for the Cayman Brac area of residence of a vacationing Guest; not occupy the premises due to a Cayman Island Government formal “Tropical Storm and/or Hurricane Alert Watch or Warning” being then in effect; and not occupy the premises due to cancellation of air flights as a result of prevailing Tropical Storm and or Hurricane weather effects at Departure and/or Arrival airports. of either, a Cayman Island Government formal “Tropical Storm and/or Hurricane Alert, Watch or Warning” or, a Cayman Islands Government formal “Evacuation Advisory or Mandatory Evacuation Order,” waives the right to a credit.

Guarantee/Deposit and Change/Cancellation Fees will depend on selected dates and room/rate combination.

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